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Tako Tidbits 7: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi comes out in LA this week (check here to see when it comes out near you), and we’re really excited about it! To celebrate, this week’s Tako Tidbits is all about Jiro and great sushi.

There is an interesting interview with David Gelb, the director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, on the Splendid Table. It’s worth a listen.

David Gelb talks about the process of filming Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

David Gelb on sushi in America

Review of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

A fun article about the movie and rules for eating sushi.

What makes sushi great?

We also have our very own “Sushi Nazi” here in LA…


But unfortunately, he recently retired and closed his sushi restaurant: Kazunori Nozawa (the “Sushi Nazi”) retiring

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