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Tako Tidbits 3: Candy sushi, and soy sauce on bread?

This is an old video, but we still think this kit for making candy sushi at home is pretty darn cool.

We’ve been having a Ramen Renaissance lately… we can see that it’s definitely happening in Los Angeles, what about where you live?

Watch a master make Dashimaki Tamago (a Japanese rolled omelet-type food):

We know Valentine’s Day has passed…but we can’t resist chocolate ramen and curry… (and it’s an interesting way to get your kids to eat vegetables!)

Japanese eating champion, Kobayashi, (who is known for winning quite a few hot dog eating contests in the US), just won a wing eating contest. (Man, this guy can eat!)

As part of the “Cool Japan” campaign we’ve mentioned in the past, there are a couple of interesting fashion and art events happening in Tokyo next month. If anyone’s planning on going, let us know… we’d love to hear about it!

A committee set up by the Cultural Affairs Council has endorsed a plan to get Japanese food culture listed on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list, to join 20 other Japanese cultural traditions that range from performing arts like kabuki and noh to festivals and traditional crafts. We here at the Miso Hungry Podcast highly approve of this plan.

Bread is becoming just as popular as rice in Japan… so many food companies are trying to show that their products are also delicious when eaten with bread, not just with rice. What do you think… would you like some soy sauce or natto with your toast at breakfast?

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