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Tako Tidbits 1: Dinner and a Movie

Every week, we here at the Miso Hungry Podcast come across tons of fun links that we just don’t have the time to talk about in the weekly podcast episode. So we’re starting something we call Tako Tidbits – a weekly roundup of all the cool things across the web that we think you should know about!


Next month, the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi is coming to theaters. It’s a movie about the best sushi chef in the world, whose sushi restaurant was the first to ever get a three-star Michelin review. Rachael and Allison will definitely be going to see it… if you like sushi or Japanese food, it’s a must-see.

Are you still craving Japanese candy after our Japanese candy episode two weeks ago? (Don’t worry, we are too.) If you want to get your crazy-flavored Kit Kat fix, Napa Japan has 30+ flavors. Allison is definitely going to be putting in an order pretty soon… ~_^

Here at the Miso Hungry Podcast, we’re trying to introduce you to all the wonderful foods that are eaten in Japan, and dispel some of the myths about which foods are common (like the teriyaki chicken that practically every Japanese restaurant in the US serves, for example). L.A. Weekly had a similar idea, and put together a fun venn diagram comparing L.A.’s Idea of Japanese Food vs. What Japanese Really Eat.

If you’re in Los Angeles, Target sponsors some great family days at the Japanese American National Museum every month. Entry to the museum is free all day, and they have tons of fun activities for families all day.

Our friend Sushi Pro recently did a two part interview with sustainable sushi guru Casson Trenor.

26 Beach California Roll Burger

Sushi… on a hamburger? It’s a combination that could easily be reeeeaaally bad… or it could be incredibly good. Allison and Rachael got to eat at 26 Beach last week… and their sushi burgers are really, really good. They have a California Roll Burger which Allison is obsessed with, a Spicy Tuna Burger that Rachael can’t get enough of, and an Unagi Burger that we have yet to try (but really want to). (Disclaimer: our first meal was complementary, but then Allison took her dad for his birthday two days later and loved it just as much as the first time!)

We love the site They Draw and Cook, which has quite a few illustrated recipes, done by all sorts of artists. We especially love all their Japanese recipes!

If you’re traveling to Japan, why not eat your way across the country? Our friend Jenny tweeted this link last week, and we really want to go and visit all those cities.

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