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Miso Hungry Podcast



Who are we? Why are we doing this podcast?

We are Miso Hungry! (We hope we make YOU so hungry, too!)


  • Writes the blog Sushi Day
  • Is half Japanese, third generation Japanese-American (her grandmother came over to the US at age three)
  • Never even tried sashimi until she was an adult
  • Is now trying to make up for her very Americanized childhood by educating herself as much about her Japanese cultural background as possible


  • Writes the blog La Fuji Mama
  • Is not Japanese (She has a German/English background)
  • Moved to Japan with her husband to live and teach English 10 years ago; they later moved back, and their 1st child was born there
  • Has adopted many Japanese traditions at home with her family

We want to make Japanese food and culture accessible to everyone. Because it’s awesome. And we want you to know that.

We’re not just about teriyaki, sushi, and miso soup. We want to get you past the Benihana stereotype of what Japanese food is… because there’s so much more to Japanese food!

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