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Episode 4: Bringing Japan to the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend!

Wait, who’s playing? (Obviously, we’re just here for the food.)

But how does this relate to Japanese food? Well, over there, they’re baseball fanatics… so we wanted to know what they eat when they’re watching sports!

Japanese hot dog

At the games, they eat all sorts of delicious things:

  • hot dogs (just like we do!)
  • yakitori – chicken on a stick
  • takoyaki – octopus balls! (They’re like little doughnut holes, with bits of octopus inside.) And remember… tako ≠ taco!

    (speaking of which, have you noticed our super cute octopus mascot?)



Rachael and Allison are planning on having Japanese-inspired Super Bowl parties this weekend… here are a bunch of ideas that you can use too!


temaki sushi

cheese age

football onigiri

temari sushi

Congratulations to Erin R., the winner of our Japanese candy giveaway! We love your idea of using Japanese candy in gingerbread houses. ^_^

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  • sushiqueen Feb 6, 2012 at 9:12am
    I love love this post! So inspiring for me :)
  • Carolina Feb 24, 2012 at 3:08am
    I also want to go back and eat. I'm crvniag that yuzu chicken we need to go on the hunt for that seasoning. A black pepper shaka shaka sounds good right now too. I think I'm hungry.
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