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Episode 29: Japanese Grocery Stores – an interview with Spilled Milk’s Matthew Amster-Burton!


This week, we were lucky enough to have Matthew Amster-Burton agree to do an interview with us.

You might know him from his fantastic podcast, Spilled Milk that he does with Molly Wizenberg, his blog Roots and Grubs, or his book Hungry Monkey.

We gave him the option of choosing whatever topic he wanted, and he chose… grocery stores!

It’s a longer episode this week, but trust us, it’s totally worth the listen.

We talk about things like really cool ladles for unagi sauce…

unagi sauce ladle

unagi sauce ladle

And Japanese TV shows where they send really young children, followed by camera men, off to the grocery store to run errands:

All in all, it was tons of fun. Thank you so much, Matthew! We can’t wait to have you on again!

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