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Episode 27: Going cookbook-crazy in Japan, and noodle bowls the size of your head!


We only had two more days together in Tokyo before Allison and Son headed to Kyoto for a few days and Rachael and her family stayed in Tokyo, and there was a lot for us to do!

Day 6

tuna sushi

First off, sushi. Because hello, we’re in Japan… but we hadn’t had sushi yet! (I know, what’s wrong with us?)


We headed off to a good kaiten sushi place (“conveyer belt” sushi) where we ate our fill of good, but super-inexpensive sushi.

sushi chef

(Kaiten sushi, or “conveyer belt” sushi, is a type of sushi bar where the sushi chef(s) stand in the center and make the sushi, and then place each plate on a conveyer belt that revolves around them. The customers sit at a bar around them, and take a plate off the conveyer belt anytime they see something they want to eat. You pay by plate (sometimes they color-code the plates; here all the plates cost the same amount, except for a few specially-marked ones) so at the end of the meal they just tally it up for you.)

salmon sushi

The mango pudding also really hit the spot on this hot, hot day!

mango pudding

Look how much we ate!

stack of plates

After lunch it was a bit of shopping (where we picked up the two pairs of silicon saibashi that we’re giving away!), then made a stop at a combini to get these “Coolish”… ice cream in a pouch. Yes, they’re just as awesome as they sound.


And then, off to a bookstore in Roppongi Hills… to buy waaaay too many cookbooks.

(It’s all Rachael’s fault.)

lots of cookbooks

Rachael and her family had a dinner with Mr. Fuji’s work at a super expensive place, so Allison and Son decided they would pass and instead take Rachael’s recommendation to go to her favorite udon place.

As Rachael describes it, “the bowls are the size of your head.” Seriously. It was so good.

(If you’re ever in Japan, it’s called Tsurutontan, and there are several locations. Rachael loves the Nabeyaki udon, Allison adores the curry udon. Really good noodles… and cat-approved! ~_^)

huge bowls of udon

Day 7

The next day was our last day together… and we spent it doing more shopping!

This time, a trip to Kappabashi, the street that is home to Tokyo’s cooking district. Tons of cookware to look at and buy (and wish we had room in our luggage to take more back!)

shopping at kappabashi

After that, it was off to Ginza… to get lost.

alley where the yakitori place was

Eventually we found the yakitori place we were looking for (which was in a basement, and you entered from an alley, so it was pretty had to find).


The yakitori place – Torigin – was seriously good. All sorts of delicious grilled foods!

saying goodbye

And then it was time to say goodbye. We wish we could have had more time together! But there’s always the next time… and until then, we can promise you there will be tons of episodes about all the delicious things we ate in Japan!

leaving on the shinkensen

We’re having a contest!

saibashi - cooking chopsticks

You can enter to win one of two pairs of silicon saibashi (cooking chopsticks, like these) that we brought back from Japan.

Today is the last day of the giveaway, so don’t forget to go enter!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on Episode 25’s post.

One entry per person. You have until 11:59PM on Monday, September 24th, 2012 to enter. We will ship internationally, so anyone may enter. The two winners will be chosen using

Good luck!

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