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Episode 26: So much good food… oh, and a typhoon.


We just have to say, we have the most awesome fans ever. Seriously, you guys rock. While we love you all, you’ll get to see who currently has the ranking of #1 fan in just a bit…

Our next few days in Japan involved a lot of great food… oh, and a typhoon.

(If you missed the first part of the trip, you can listen here!)

Day 3

(Our 3rd day together was Allison’s 5th day in Japan, which is why the day numbers might seem a little off sometimes…)

So first things first, Allison just had to try the Shiro Cream Puff from Beard Papa’s that Rachael had been raving about.

Made with tapioca flour and a cream cheese filling, she was instantly obsessed.

Shiro Cream Puff

Since Rachael and her family got to spend our day 5 (a Sunday) seeing old friends at church, Allison and Son ventured to Don Quixote, which we describe as “Wal-Mart on crack”.


Allison at Don Quixote

Then we went to Bassanova! Green curry soba for the win!

Green curry soba

But the much more exciting part of this was getting to meet Kate!!!

We’re still flipping out over the fact that we get to not only say that we have fans as cool as Kate, but that we have a #1 Fan!

Kate, you rock, and we think you’re totally awesome.


Day 4

This was the day we attempted to go Tsukiji fish market.

And by attempted, we mean what actually happened was a comedy of errors where Allison and Son got stuck in their hotel, got slightly lost, then ran around looking for Rachael (whose alarm hadn’t gone off!)

Ah well. At least it was a pretty morning.

Early morning Tokyo

So after we all got a little more sleep, we headed off to Hamarikyu park where Son did a bit of filming…

Hamarikyu with Son filming

And then we took the waterboat from Hamarikyu, up Sumida river, to Asakusa where walked up the street to Sensoji temple.

Sumida river from the boat

Sumida river on the riverbus

On our way, we got to try all sorts of goodies – taiyaki, sweet potato age manju, and (of course) ice cream!

mini taiyaki

age manju

near the temple

rope near the temple

After letting the girls play in a park a bit, it was off to Kaikaya by the Sea for dinner – a place that Rachael has been RAVING about for ages.

ginger ale

We finally got to try the ginger ale in copper cups that she goes on and on about…


And happily, the tuna ribs (along with the rest of the meal) lived up to the expectation that she had set.

tuna ribs

(The buttery fried goatfish was another huge winner in that meal!)


Day 5

Did we mention it was typhoon season when we went?


And like any sane person would do, we went to the zoo on the day the typhoon was supposed to hit. And dragged poor Kate with us!

Allison with the penguins

Zoo food in Japan is surprisingly good, for a ridiculously inexpensive price.


Allison’s maple syrup-filled pancakes with blueberry jam were fantastic, and the chicken karaage that Rachael got for the girls was crazy good.


But the best thing ware the homemade roasted sweet potatoes (yaki imo!) that Kate brought for us.

Because she’s the yaki imo girl!

(P.S. Go follow her on twitter. Tell her we sent you. Be prepared to find out why we adore her so!)

yaki imo


That evening we actually got to meet Keizo (since he wasn’t there when all we went to Bassanova) and go out for monjayaki!

Monjayaki is like okonomiyaki, but waterier. However, still delicious.


After dinner, the Fujis went back to their hotel (smart people – there was a typhoon coming, after all!) but Son was still hungry, so we went for ramen with Keizo and his girlfriend.


And then it was a sprint back to the rain station, against the rain and wind that were getting stronger by the minute!

Yeah. There was a typhoon. Thankfully we were all safe in our respective beds by the time it actually hit. What a day!

We’re having a contest!

saibashi - cooking chopsticks

You can enter to win one of two pairs of silicon saibashi (cooking chopsticks, like these) that we brought back from Japan.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on Episode 25’s post.

One entry per person. You have until 11:59PM on Monday, September 24th, 2012 to enter. We will ship internationally, so anyone may enter. The two winners will be chosen using

Good luck!

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  • Kate @ Eat, Recycle, Repeat Sep 18, 2012 at 5:16pm
    Wow - thanks for stroking my ego for an entire podcast! It was a great way to start my day. First ~ I felt very lucky to have met you and that you took time out of your trip to Japan to meet with me! I knew once I walked into the ramen shop & saw giant cameras and food that I was in the right place :) Also, it is true typhoon season here in Japan right now, and it is possibly the worst humidity ever. Be glad we're not going to the zoo now. Though I had so much fun! And frolicking in the park with Fuji-lings was a huge highlight for me. Ok, this comment is a monster, but I'm excited to be a new faculty member!

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